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Meco Fast Colors

Main applications of Meco Fast Colors
♦ woodstains/woodcoatings ♦ printing inks and writing inks
♦ technical & decorative foils ♦ leather top coatings
product name C.I.
Meco Fast Yellow Y-173 SY 62
Meco Fast Yellow Y-181 SY 79
Meco Fast Yellow Y-57 SY 82
Meco Fast Yellow Y-146 SY 146
Meco Fast Yellow AB SO 11
Meco Fast Orange O-10 SO 54
Meco Fast Orange O-09 SO 62
Meco Fast Red R-2BLSE SR 8
Meco Fast Red R-35 SR 122
Meco Fast Red R-357 SR 124
Meco Fast Red R-125 SR 125
Meco Fast Red R-16 SR 127
Meco Fast Red R-327 SR 160
Meco Fast Blue BL-06 Sblue 70
Meco Fast Black B-20 Sblack 27
Meco Fast Black B-25 Sblack 27
Meco Fast Black B-51 Sblack 27
Meco Fast Black B-29 Sblack 29
Meco Fast Black BRLSN Sblack 45

This is the list of selected products, we can supply also other products,
please contact us for additional product requests

Mecosperse Colors

Main applications for Mecosperse
Special dyes for the use of waterbased wood coatings
Produced in liquid form, salt free.
main solvents used: 1-methoxy-2-Propanol (PM)
Dipropylene Glycol Mono Methyl Ether (DPM)
product name C.I.
Mecosperse Yellow 100 Acid Yellow 220
Mecosperse Yellow 150 Acid Yellow 166
Mecosperse Orange 200 Acid Orange 154
Mecosperse Red 300 Acid Red 407
Mecosperse Red 350 Acid Red 405
Mecosperse Brown 400 Acid Brown 282
Mecosperse Blue 600 Acid Blue 260
Mecosperse Black 800 Acid Black 52

For all our products, we will send you our safety data sheets on request

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